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Our Services


Product Report

     Low Key Grow Solutions can provide you with a personalized list of equipment for your individual grow operation. From lighting systems and air filtration to other small, but necessary accessories like ph meters. At Low Key Grow Solutions we have the experience to make sure you have what you need to grow successfully. We will put in the time to find quality equipment options tailored to your needs ensuring that your grow is efficient and competitive in an ever growing market. In order to do this we will provide you with side-by-side comparisons of the different products available that will enhance your grow space.

Energy Efficiency Comparison

    If you already have a designated grow space and are looking to increase efficiency, save money, or save the planet; we want to help! How we do that is by generating an in-depth look at where your grow is and where it can go with energy saving equipment and advanced grow techniques. We’ll work WITH YOU to make your grow all that it can be.

On Site Planning

     There are many small details that are easy to oversee in a grow operation. We want to make sure that from seed to harvest your space is optimized to reduce wasted space and energy while growing the highest quality plants. We will come to you and assist with the planning of your cultivation space. We will also provide small tips and tricks that will help your grow thrive.

Purchasing Services

     Would you like to simplify the purchasing process of setting up your grow? How about contacting one company for your purchases instead of a whole checklist? Low Key Grow Solutions will contact the manufacturers directly to make the purchasing process easier for you. Don’t have all those companies send your equipment to your grow space. Let Low Key Grow Solutions have the equipment sent to your business under one name to add security in your product delivery.