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Tristan Bailey, inventor, and owner of Red Band Spider Mite Traps™ has developed what we at LKGS believe to be the next generation of pest control in urban farming and greenhouse type environments. For decades the options for pest control were predator bugs which can be costly and never a guaranteed fix or using chemical sprays and mixes that get into the plants and by-and-by into us. This is exactly what spurred Mr. Bailey to develop his Red Band Traps when he found an infestation of mites threatening his way of plant life.

Red Band Spider Mite Traps™ is the FIRST NON-TOXIC, NO Mix, NO Spray, No Poison way to deal with mites threatening your plants! Imagine taking your yields to market and selling them as Pesticide Free while not having lost any plants to less effective ways of pest control. Higher quality plants making their way into the hands of consumers helps you grow, which helps us grow and in turn, helps Red Bands Spider Mite Traps™ to grow.

“To grow and to help others grow” is our mission at Low Key Grow Solutions and we believe that is exactly what Red Bands Spider Mite Traps™ is going to do. For more information on Red Band Spider Mite Traps™ and the Full Story of their conception please visit redbandstraps.com or contact us!