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Put an end to the spider mites, and the chemical warfare. 

Red Band Traps LLC knows Spider Mites pretty well. They spent a long time just watching them. Did their research to confirm their hypothesis. Time and again the clues were there in the research that others had done previously, but nobody seemed to pick up on them. The clues are in the animal’s behavior; Red Band Spider Mite Traps(TM) are designed to take advantage of the Spider Mite’s own behavior. Behavior which has been observed for thousands of years. It is likely that the behaviors which Red Band Spider Mite Traps(TM) take advantage of have been practiced by spider mites for hundreds of millions of years – making it unlikely that they will evolve a means of circumnavigating the traps any time soon. What will happen over time is that the overall local population will be devastated, and those eggs (that are laid on the traps) which would normally escape traditional eradication means such as pesticides/miticides, leaf and soil drenching, or introduced predator species will hatch on the traps and those protonymphs will remain mired there.

If you live in the Midwest and are interested in learning more, contact us for more information and consultation! You can also read more information on Red Band Traps LLC’s website.