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Illumitex PowerHarvest

The PowerHarvest™ from lllumitex is designed and tested specifically for indoor grow operations, including greenhouses. Scientifically developed and patented horticultural growth spectra and high power LEDs combined with wide distribution optics ensure optimum plant growth and highest yields.

The wireless controls option equips growers with the ability to easily control one fixture or thousands of fixtures from a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. With energy consumption at a max of 585W, the PowerHarvest will easily slash your lighting bill and see an almost equal drop in HVAC cost. LED thermal management is accomplished by means of a custom, extruded aluminum heat sink. Venting slots at either end of the fixture and dual, replaceable, high-efficiency cooling fans provide further cooling. Fan assemblies can be easily removed in the field via tool-less wiring connectors for cleaning or replacement.  Contact us to purchase your PowerHarvest system today.

The F3 spectrum is the workhorse and most popular spectrum from Illumitex. It produces the fastest germination and drives the best vegetative and flowering results among all of the spectra options. In addition to the blue and red wavelengths, the F3 spectrum contains a small amount of green which is beneficial for the quality assessment of plants. The F3 spectrum is recommended for use in growth chambers as well as controlled environment agriculture operations of any size.

The Eclipse line from Illumitex is designed for vertical farms seeking high levels of photosynthetic flux (PPF) and light uniformity within a slim design. The fixtures can be daisy chained in rows of up to 15 fixtures (22 for low watt option), requiring fewer outlets and making installation easy.

The Eclipse is perfect for a Vertical Farms or vegetative rooms (such as laboratories) with different light frequency options to optimize the output and growth of any plant you are growing.  Contact us to purchase your Eclipse system today.

Spectrums Available

F3 – Full Cycle
Produces fast germination and high quality vegetative and flowering plants.

F6 – Best for Vegetative Growth
Provides the fastest vegetative growth results and reduces overall plant height. Also, improves plant appearance and space utilization.

F7 – Best for Seedling Growth
Produces stocky plants with the shortest internodal distances.